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March 20, 2003...My days on the road with the FAB band are winding down. I still play an occasional gig every now and again. I live so far from the band, it was impossible to keep commuting. My time with the boys will be missed!

April 27, 2003...My latest project is a Band called THE MESSAGE. I have teamed up with a well known drummer in my area, Larry Nipper Jr.
He grew up playing in his dads band (The Nippers), a southern gospel thang. We are currently booking our band THE MESSAGE.

June 7, 2003...WE HAVE A GIG!!!!!!!!! Friday June 27th we will be privileged to open a show for Jeremy Camp. I will be posting info in the next few days regarding this event. Please check back. All the details should be posted by the 15th.

June 10, 2003...We would like to welcome Al Altano to the group "The Message". Al sings, plays bass, keyboards, and we think he can play drums a little. We'll let you know about that a little later on.

June 24, 2003...Well I'm sorry to say Al Altano did not work out for us. Good luck in all you do Al.

June 26, 2003...I didn't get a chance to post the info for our gig on Friday June 27th. We got very busy rehearsing for the show and I had no time to be a cyber potato. Anyway here it is.  Where? Bob White Blvd., Church Of God, Pulaski Va.  When? June 27th, 6:00 pm.  Tickets? $5.00 @ the door.  Bands? "Slow Children At Play",    our band "The Message",   and the headlining band "Jeremy Camp".  Hope to C U there. {]:c) ALEX

Aug.1, 2003...Nippers been on vacation down at the beach this week. Him and his family have been playn' around in the red water. Hope you guys had fun. As far as the band, we worked real hard rehearsing for the Jeremy Camp concert and the 4th of July gig. After that we needed time away from it all. Now it's time to get back to the grind stone and start crankn' out some more tunes. I would like to take a moment to thank all the people who have been supporting us in getting this new project (THE MESSAGE) off the ground. It's always a struggle starting a new band. A special thanks goes out to Joe Blankenship, Tyler, Jacob, Heston, and all the folks at the Church Of God. We had a wonderful time. Most of all I hope the people were blessed by what we had to offer. ALEX